A partnership with our planet!
A little more about the WPC:
Sustainability means using a resource in a manner that does not deplete our natural resources and can be repeated over a long period of time.  That is exactly how we produce our Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) that is the raw material in our line of housewares.
WPC is an innovative and environmentally sustainable product because its composition utilizes substantially less raw material derived from non-renewable sources (plastic) and up to 55% of wood from plantation forests (renewable).
All plastics are created from different polymerization processes, converting hydrocarbons in materials such as oil, into a single polymer compound. During this process, tons of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) are emitted. Wood on the other hand, during its growth, extracts carbon from the atmosphere. Therefore, WPC finds a balance, creating a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastics.
EVO turned wood and plastic into a single raw material, combining the benefits of both (strength and durability) while substantially reducing the harmful impact on the environment.
EVO is much more than environmentally friendly; it is the evolution of wood!
EVO - Sustainable Goods.